Animal Totems & Grasshopper Medicine

Yesterday as I was shooting some of my jewelz for the next collection (landing on the site October 23rd) and this grasshopper jumped right on my hand to sit on this sparkly moonstone ring! 

In Shamanism, insects and animals show up in your life to bring messages and help us gain insight or self awareness. Tuning into the animals in your daily life will lead you to your animal guides and the messages they carry for you. All animals are teachers, reminding us that we are just a small part of creation.

On the days I find it difficult to drop into my intuition I like to journal or automatic write. This is when you simply put a pen to paper and let the words pour out, not worrying about grammar or how it will sound when someone reads it.  If you are curious about the animal messages in your life download my free MOONWATER journaling exercise below. 

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