3 Ways to Tune into Your Intuition

Intuition literally means "Inner Teacher"- that feeling in your gut when you just "know" something without much information. Tuning into your intuition is a practice and the more we exercise this muscle the stronger our clarity will become.When we begin to sharpen our intuition or gut instinct this "knowing" becomes much more clear. We are able to experience the gut feeling and breath into it without judgement or emotion to see more of the whole picture. 

When something feels off, it is.
— Abraham Hicks

3 Simple ways to tap into your Intuitive Power.

1. JOURNAL! Journaling has been so helpful in tapping into my intuition. I mentioned yesterday in my blog post automatic writing is a great way to drop into intuition without judgement. I started automatic writing after reading Julia Cameron's The Artist Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. In the book, Julia writes about "morning pages" or committing to the number of pages you write daily not the content. Get Loose! Don't overthink it! Drop into the subconscious and follow our flow. The first week of journaling or try not to reread what you write, this brings you back to analytical left brain thinking. I have also included a Intuition Journaling Exercise at the end of the blog post. 

2. Embrace the Silence! This could be uncomfortable for some as we live in the era of technology and so much white noise. If we aren't being present days can roll by where podcasts, music and social media fill all the moments in between our commitments. Embracing the silence means carving out time to actively listen to your inner dialogue. For me, this looks like a 30 minute morning meditation to get centered and set intentions for the day. (If you are in Escondido Area come sit with me! 7:15- 8:00am every morning. Deets under the meditation tab above.)

If mediation feels daunting to you start small. Take yourself on a walk in nature (without your phone,) sit at the edge of your bed right before you go to sleep to just be, or spend 5 minutes breathing before you get out of your car. 


3. Talk to your higher self! Did you know you can talk to your soul/higher self/the universe? Your intuition is your highest self or connection to all of creation. Be intentional with the messages you tell yourself. What does your inner dialogue sound like? Are you kind to yourself, staying in positivity or are you stuck in a loop of worry or fear? For example would you say to yourself "My knee hurts every time I do yoga." or do you say "My knee improves a little more every time I take a yoga class." Those 2 statements have quite a different vibration to them. Be intentional!

So there you have it! Intuition- one of the easiest ways to follow the magic in your life. If you want expand on some of these concepts more I've includes a journaling exercise below to download. WE ARE ALL INTUITIVE BEINGS!

Love you,

Moonwater Molly