Understanding Tibetan Singing Bowls


For centuries, Tibetan people have practiced sound healing using singing bowls. Singing bowls are a type of traditional bell used for meditation, world music, reiki, stress reduction and relaxation. Playing these hand crafted bowls has an immediate centering and calming effect, measurably improving stress levels, immune function, lowering heart rate and blood pressure and soothing pain.

Origins of the Singing Bowls:


Singing bowls first appeared around the Himalayan Mountains around 580 B.C. and were considered a symbol of "the unknowable" or "the sound of the universe manifesting." They traditionally are made from an alloy made of 7 or 9 metals where the raw minerals are smelted and purified before being cast, reheated and hammered into shape. It is said sacred mantras or chants are sung to imbue the bowls with intention. 

How It Works:

All physical matter is made up of vibrations moving at different frequencies to create the reality we see. Even our bodies are made of these vibrations and when they are out of sync we are susceptible to disease and sickness. The singing bowls work by aligning the frequencies in our body so they move together in harmony.