I am a day dreamer. I live in my head. This is great for starting projects, brainstorming ideas or seeing the world from different perspectives. You know what it's not particularly good for? Getting shit done! Man oh man do I have the procrastination bug. I find myself gravitating toward making to do lists with elaborate doodles and side notes when a deadline is approaching and the day dreaming part of the process SHOULD be over. While explaining why I'm late I chalk it up to being a perfectionist, insisting I need to do more research. The reality is.. I'm scared.

What if I'm not good enough?! What if the necklace isn't what they hoped for?! AH! All these questions ring in my head as I take myself for ANOTHER jog around the block, convinced I'm going to have some cosmic epiphany that will cure the procrastinating paralysis I've throw myself into. Insanity. Well guess what, the epiphany never comes. At least not the way I was hoping. 

So in the spirit of more doing, dreaming less I am going to start using this blog to throw around more ideas, make mistakes and show my process. For me, art or being creative is spiritual. In a world where all these seemingly perfect products just fall out of the sky it is daunting to take up the messy task of creating. The failed attempts. The visions that looked so rad in my head but come out misshaped and odd. Everything that is lost in translation. I am going to do my best to bridge that gap. Maybe it will quench the fear. That is my hope.

Third time is a charm, right? Above is the 2 failed attempts at finishing the back plate of a commissioned necklace someone had me make for a friend sailing around the world. Took much longer than I anticipated but in the end it worked out. Below is the finished necklace. 

My idea of organization below. This photo is from when I used to teach fashion design and art classes to kids right after I graduated college. Can you tell chaos fuels my creativity?


That all I've got. Here is to messy.authentic.and free. 

Keep finding the magic,